Junk Removal Pricing in Baltimore & Nearby Areas

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General Load Pricing (non-debris)

$65+: Minimum Charge

~$100: Quarter Trailer Load (2.8 Cubic Yards)

~$180: Half Trailer Load (5.6 Cubic Yards)

~$270: 3/4 Trailer Load (8.4 Cubic Yards)

~$355: Full Trailer Load (11.25 Cubic Yards)

Construction Debris +17%

Trailer Specs: 12′ Long x 4′ Tall x 6′ 4″ Wide (Holds 11.25 Cubic Yards)

Pricing is based on volume (how much of our trailer gets filled up) and varies by your location, the weight of the junk, and load time. Our rates include all labor, transportation costs, and disposal fees. We can let you know an exact no-obligation quote on-site.

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