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Mattress Removal Service in Baltimore

Old Mattress Removal Is Now Easy!

You probably have spent a third of your life sleeping on the same old mattress, which by now has lost the comfort and charm it once had. Upgrading your mattress has always been an exciting thing, but what do you do with that old, broken, and worn-out mattress? You no longer need to worry since Clutch Junk Removal provides it’s entrusted services to clients for junk mattress removal in Baltimore, North Anne Arundel, and East Howard.
Most of us have our old mattresses in the basement or loft of our houses, collecting dust and consuming some valuable space. Couldn’t you make better use of that space? You don’t need to struggle with stairs, fight hallways, or tie it to your car’s roof and drive miles to remove your mattress. Clutch Junk Removal is responsible for all the heavy lifting and helps you get rid of your old mattress. All you need to do is schedule with us and point!
Stop worrying about what happens to your old mattress when you can contact us for your mattress removal needs. We donate and recycle old mattresses as much as we possibly can. We make sure to recycle your mattress under proper facilities carefully, so it doesn’t provide any harm to our ecosystem. One of our primary concerns is to ensure our clients that their unwanted things are being disposed of the right way!

Mattress Removal in Baltimore & Nearby Areas

When our friendly, skilled, and professional workers haul away your old mattress, we make every possible effort to follow your instructions and deliver your mattress safely to a donation center, recycling facility, or landfill.
If you are searching for a mattress removal company and continuously thinking about “mattress removal near me”, then Clutch Junk Removal can provide you with the best mattress removal service in Baltimore, Hanover, Towson, and the surrounding areas.
Clutch Junk Removal provides an efficient, careful, and eco-friendly mattress disposal service to make the whole junk removal process easy for you. Our dedicated and hardworking team makes sure not to damage any other item when hauling off your old mattress. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you – from hauling to transporting to recycling/donating.

Why Clutch Junk Removal?

Our customers no longer need to worry about maneuvering their old mattresses and other junk because we guarantee the safe and efficient disposal of your unwanted items. We have been successful in satisfying our clients’ needs for a very long time. We provide:

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Why Clutch Junk Removal?

Are you ready to have your old mattress removed? Simply make a call at 410-929-6886, or schedule online by filling out the form. We’re responsible for all the heavy lifting and safety. Just contact us and schedule your junk pick-up at the time most suitable for you.

We aim to satisfy our clients by providing our best, reliable, and affordable services as soon as they contact us – on the same or very next day.

Due to CDC recommendations to limit contact with others, you can now request “No-Contact Junk Removal. Just leave your unwanted items on the curb, driveway or in front of the garage. You don’t even have to be home and you can pay electronically. 

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