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This was by far the best junk removal service I have used. They were polite, on time, professional and very reasonably priced. Will definately be using them again. Thanks guys!
Aliza lee
Aliza lee
16:51 30 Jul 21
They are very responsive and quick to schedule a pick up. They are fast and careful with appliance removal. And they offered multiple convenient payment options. Would utilize their services again.
01:29 29 Jul 21
Best price I found, arrived on time, was very nice and I highly recommend Clutch Junk Removal. Will definitely call them again when needed
Wendy rice
Wendy Rice
21:53 24 Jul 21
These guys did my dirty work. I had a roach infestation underneath a tarp that was filled with dirt that I left outside for months. They shoveled the dirt and removed the tarp and saved me from the roaches!!
Jamie wallace
Jamie Wallace
08:56 09 Jul 21
The service was great! Contacted them, sent photos via text for an estimate. They were in constant contact. Came were very efficient with removal and clean and prices were very reasonable. I will be utilizing this service again in the near future.
Doreen collins
Doreen Collins
16:25 23 Jun 21
I want to thank both jonathon and Steve for making it out to help us get furniture out they were both very nice and went above and beyond including tightening my front door doorknob. We will be using them again soon.
Michele pistorio
Michele Pistorio
22:42 21 Jun 21
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Hot tub removal,hot tub removal service,hot tub disposal,spa removal,jacuzzi removal,hot tub demolition and removal,hot tub removal company,hot tub removal and disposal,hot tub haul away,hot tub removal price - clutch junk removal

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Hot Tub Removal In Baltimore, Hanover, Glen Burnie & Nearby

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and relieve stress after a long day at work, but hauling them is so hard. When empty, these “mobile” recreational water toys weigh a few hundred pounds and require several people to remove them.

Even if you call your friends and neighbors for a spa removal, it can be challenging. You’ll need a team of experienced workers who can do the job for you. 

Efficient Hot Tub Removal Service:  

Clutch Junk Removals offers a quick, safe, and environmentally friendly hot tub removal service. You don’t have to think about the pickup and disposal; we do all of that for you. Our experts and team of professionals will haul away the hot tub quickly. Just guide them where the old hot tub is fitted and we will unmount, carry it and haul it away. We make sure your old spa tub or jacuzzi is taken to the appropriate location; in some cases, a recycling center. We ensure that we dispose of the hot tub in an environmentally friendly way.

What You Need To Do Before We Haul Away Your Hot Tub 

To prep your hot tub for removal, there are certain things you’ll need to do before time:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Clear out all of the water from the tub.

After these steps are completed, our expert members will turn the hot tub on its side and use a trolley to load it into our clean trucks. Alternatively, we’ll saw it into manageable pieces and carry it out piece by piece.

How Much Does Hot Tub Removal Cost? 

The Hot tub disposal cost usually ranges between $300 and $450. The price for hauling away your hot tub, spa removal, or jacuzzi removal depends on the size, condition, and how much difficulty the team faces in removing the tub. Call us to get a quote for free and schedule an appointment for pickup. We will provide you with the crew, truck, labor, and disposal. We provide our services without any hidden charges. We can make the hot tub disposal go smoother and save you some dollars too!

Suppose you are indecisive about hot tub demolition and removal and have no idea how to get rid of your hot tub or don’t know what to do with it. In that case, Clutch Junk Removal is here to help you remove it quickly, affordably, and responsibly. Contact Clutch Junk Removal for more information or to schedule a pickup.

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